2016 Acura NSX Redesign and Release Date

Japanese Ferrari is at the center of attention. Awesome super sports car 2016 Acura NSX aggressive and carries the slogan “New Sports eXperience”.

2016 Acura NSX Exterior Design and Materials

Acura NSX is a very attractive and stylish car. But not everyone has the good fortune and opportunity to buy it. As part of the company Honda is intended for the North American market. It is a real beauty and enjoyment. It has a length of 176 inches, width of 76.4 inches and height of 47.8 inches. The wheelbase is 103.5 inches. The car is made of high quality materials such as aluminum, high compressive steel, and is further strengthened with carbon fiber. All together contributed to the reduction of overall vehicle weight. The line is modern, recognizable and provides excellent aerodynamics. A true sports car in every sense of the word.

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Visually has adapted to today’s conditions and demands of the market. The front part has been revised with larger air intakes and aggressive LED lights. On the hood are also two holes for air circulation. Such details are present in other places on the body. Acura NSX is equally stylish and at the back. Modern LED lights are present on a sportive way. The entire bumper is massive while the sport exhausts are successfully integrated to act very dangerous. Embedded are very attractive alloy wheels. The front of the size of 19 inches, while the rear foreseen in size from 20 inches.

2016 Acura NSX - exterior design

2016 Acura NSX Interior Features and Equipment

The interior has also been redesigned as well as outside. But in addition to the attractiveness and modernization, the cabin can be described as simple. With many beautiful details and with the use of fine materials designers have done a great job. Particularly interesting are the leather seats that offer the best ergonomics in its class. Instrumentation panel is equipped with a TFT display and Integrated Dynamic System to switch specific driving modes. In this way, the driver can switch to four different driving modes. These are Quiet, Sport, Sport + and Track.

2016 Acura NSX - interior 1

Each part of the instrument panel is focused on the driver. Control and visibility is great and totally up to the extreme performance of the vehicles. The center console contains the power button, which has the task of preparing a hybrid drive. Instrumentation panel is trimmed in leather, hand-made and very functional. The most modern and technologically advanced pieces of equipment are in the cabin of model 2016 Acura NSX.

2016 Acura NSX - interior

2016 Acura NSX Engine Options and Power

The real mystery of mechanics will trigger new Acura NSX. When we say the miracle that is one petrol engine and three electric motors. Which means that this car could be classified as a hybrid car. Under the hood is a combined 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine with 24 valves. Power will be transmitted to the wheels with 9 speed automatic transmission with double clutch. Acura NSX should be able to eject the power of about 550 hp and torque of 500 lb / ft. No less than that. Top speed should be marked with 190 mph. As far as electric motors, one will be connected to the engine while the other two will be tied to the front wheels. The acceleration of 60 mph is reached in about 3 seconds.

2016 Acura NSX - engine

Safety Features for 2016 Acura NSX

Of course, Acura NSX is equipped with all necessary safety features. The design of the vehicle is safe. How? Each part is specifically designed for the management of the air flow for better stability thrust force and system of cooling vehicles. On all tests proved excellent. The application of the brake torque using Agile Handling Assist improves yaw response and stability. A new ceramic brakes, as well as many airbags.

2016 Acura NSX - safety features

Celebrities and Cars

2016 Acura NSX fits well with celebrities cream of society. It is attractive, enough expensive and not everyone can possess it. From famous drivers, we found the American actor Robert Downey Jr., but in the new model is much interested in Fernando Alonso, while some large companies have decided to use this car for advertising purposes.

Release Date and Price for 2016 Acura NSX

Great premier Acura NSX concept occurred in January this year at the show in Detroit. Indeed attracted considerable attention and the company Honda hope for a good and successful sales. The car should be on sale by the end of this year. The starting price should be around $ 130.000.

2016 Acura NSX - release date and price

Competitors for 2016 Acura NSX

Competition in this segment is dangerous. But Acura NSX will have a good result, because with the price incredible listed. As the main competitors will appear Ferrari 488 GTB, Audi R8, BMW I8, Porsche 911, Dodge Viper, Aston Martin Vantage, Nissan GT-R and Mercedes-Benz AMG GT / GTS.

2016 Acura NSX - competitors

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