2016 BMW M4 Release Date, Price and Review

Fast, dynamic, reliable, stable and always ahead of its time. All this describes in detail the new 2016 M4. Lots of free adrenaline in one place.

2016 BMW M4 Exterior Design, Materials and Line

2016 BMW M4 can be seen as a high-performance sports car that is used in everyday city driving. Lots of changes affecting the improvement and modernization of looks. This refers to the coupe version but also convertible. Demonstration of power and passion is on the horizon. Exactly what is expected of a BMW. As usual receives muscular bumpers and distinctive Bavarian mask in front of the radiator. All you need is in place. The car is built on the standard series 4 with greater use of aluminum and carbon fiber. All this with the aim of reducing the overall weight of the vehicle.

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A totally fantastic innovation is applied on the new M4. These are laser OLED lights on the front and rear. When they are activated can be recognized a fine light bands of different colors. When one looks, features a three-dimensional impression. The lights consume less energy and are based on organic materials. More particularly illuminate the bends and corners of the road who have so far been unexposed. The width of the light beam can be adjusted to the actual width of the vehicle. Therefore, it is enabled realistic overview of the situation on the road. Body contains two doors while on the convertible are set a hard folding roof. On the back side you can notice the four exhaust end in the bottom of the bumper. With the BMW M4 will be mounted redesigned alloy wheels of 18 inches.

2016 BMW M4 - exterior design

2016 BMW M4 Interior Specs, Equipment and Materials

The interior is equally fascinating as well as outside. High-quality materials and equipment in 2016 BMW M4 are just perfect. With comfortable seats upholstered in leather, the cabin can accommodate four passengers, which is expected unforgettable adventure. The seats are equipped with a large heating setup options. Among other materials that are carbon, aluminum and chromium. Everything is set up perfectly. As you are in a luxury hotel with sport memorials. Equipment is rich but easy to use. Because the engineers made sure that everything is in the right place. Central upper part occupies the touch screen. It is associated with many systems and functions.

2016 BMW M4 - interior 1

Many are interested in the audio device. That is unit with a total of 16 speakers and a power output of 600 W. There is also a USB port, the entrance for the and , Radio, Bluetooth, hands-free telephony, Internet and much more. The navigation system is connected to the headlights and the automatic control of the light beam. Cabin contains one 12V power socket in the front and rear of the cabin. Enough settings can be saved, while the individual buttons are also on the sports steering wheel. Much of it is represented, in addition to this we have mentioned.

2016 BMW M4 - interior

2016 BMW M4 Engine Options, Power and Performances

Of course, everyone expects a strong and reliable engine under the hood of model 2016 BMW M4. This time it is 3. 0-liter twin-turbo V6 engine with an output of 431 hp and torque of 550 lb / ft. Power will be transmitted to the rear wheels through 7 speed automatic transmission with double clutch. The engine is connected to a Start / Stop system. Acceleration of 0 to 62 mph achieved in approximately 4 seconds. Consumption is estimated at about 17 mph in the city and 26 mph on the road.

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Safety Features for 2016 BMW M4

Anyone who decides to become a owner of model 2016 BMW M4 can expect a lot of safety equipment. As with any prestigious cars. On the list of equipment are airbags, collision warning, engine immobilizer, electronic brakes, ABS on all wheels, sensors to turn off the battery, cutouts, sensors, cameras and much more. It depends on what you want for yourself and your passengers.

Celebrities and Cars

Among the more affluent motorists and lovers of adrenaline certainly there are many who prefer M4. So we ran into a professional rally driver Ken Block who owns M4. Then there is the American actress Jessica Alba, Canadian hockey player , African American actress Halle Berry, American actress Reese Witherspoon, German Heidi Klum, as well as English actor Clive Owen.

2016 BMW M4 - celebrities

Release Date and Price for 2016 BMW M4

Unique and attractive BMW M4 at retail locations could be found at the end of this godiner. But these are only hints and predictions. The German company has not yet made a final statement. Price is certainly a particularly interesting information, especially to potential buyers. This time, the base model coupe should cost about $ 65,000 while the convertible will be a little more expensive and will cost about $ 74,000.

2016 BMW M4 - release date and price

Competitors for 2016 BMW M4

Many say that the BMW M4 is unique and without competition. But it’s not always so. There are some models that can compete with the German car of your dreams. These are the , , Audi RS5, Chevrolet Corvette, Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG and Lexus GS F.

2016 BMW M4 - competitors


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