2016 Dodge Dakota Release Date and Design

Completely redesigned 2016 Dodge Dakota pickup will again go into serial production. Refreshed and ready for new drivers. Take a look.

2016 Dodge Dakota Exterior Design and Specs

When we mention the new model Dodge Dakota certainly be expected changed style design and improved lines. All in order to influence the improved aerodynamics and vehicle performance. But some would say that it made a complete and thorough redesign. Gets a bold and modern look with more rounded edges. All the opposite of what the Dodge Dakota used to represent. But only in a positive way. Enough data is similar to the Rampage models or RAM. This can only attract more customers, because everything is associated with quality and elegance.

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Sporting meaning is not left out with the use of quality materials and decorative details. The distinctive front grille is very modern and ideally integrated with new LED headlights. The bumpers are reinforced while the rear light units placed vertically along the edge of the body. Cab contains four doors. Along with the functional trailer, truck length is slightly increased compared to the previous model. With redesigned wheels and a very nice external colors Dodge Dakota just waiting for those who need a durable and attractive pickup.

2016 Dodge Dakota - exterior design

2016 Dodge Dakota Interior Design and Equipment

The aesthetics of the interior is important but also the functionality. The designers have worked hard to pack everything into one. Cab gets more room for five passengers. With stylish looks are blended quality and comfortable seats. Upholstered in only the best materials. The designers used the best materials to assemble every part of the interior. Enough space is provided for the different compartments and pockets to accommodate a variety of little things or tools. Because many people will opt for the Dodge Dakota as a great off-road vehicle. Button layout and all functions is convenient and within easy reach of the driver.

2016 Dodge Dakota - interior 1

In addition to a modern look can be concluded and the existence of high-tech equipment and all elements related to entertainment or driving safety. The central part occupies the touchscreen display. It is connected with the major part of the system. First of all audio device and communication options. There is cruise control, defrost the windscreen, ABS, navigation system of the latest generation, hands-free, voice commands and a lot more. Enough command had found a place on the wheel. All in all Dodge Dakota is a modern and attractive truck that provides the owner a lot.

2016 Dodge Dakota - interior

2016 Dodge Dakota Engine Options

Many stories circulate about which engine will be located under the hood of the truck Dodge Dakota. Most dust can breathe around one engine. It’s V6 4-cylinder engine with an output of 210 hp and direct injection. It could work with 5 speed or 6 speed automatic transmission. Average consumption should be around 30 mph which is certainly better than the current model. This is information relating to the gasoline engine. But as far as the diesel engine will be represented by a 2.5-liter turbo diesel engine. It will produce an output of 180 hp and torque of 300 lb / ft. With this engine should be composed hybrid model Dodge Dakota.

2016 Dodge Dakota - engine

2016 Dodge Dakota Safety Features

All trucks intended for off-road activities are equipped with a very good safety profile. Such is the case with the Dodge Dakota. All that is necessary for safe driving on the roads as well as the difficult terrain is represented. But not only represented vehicle safety but also the safety of passengers. There are airbags, ABS, cameras, sensors, immobilizer, warning of tire pressure, antilock brakes, assistance system, and more. At the crash test this truck earned very good grades.

Release Date and Price for 2016 Dodge Dakota

The much-anticipated 2016 Dodge Dakota is supposed to be presented to the public later this year. When exactly will start selling is not yet published. Basic price could be $ 60,000.

2016 Dodge Dakota - release date and price

Competitors for 2016 Dodge Dakota

The competition is quite high when it comes to class vehicles such as the Dakota. These are all functional and high-quality vans. Primarily refers to the Ford F-150, Toyota Prius and Chevrolet Colorado.

2016 Dodge Dakota - competitors

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