2016 Ferrari FF Release Date and Engine

Beautiful, modern, fast, attractive and expensive. These are all characteristics of the new 2016. Italians will launch something completely new.

2016 Ferrari FF Exterior Design and Materials

On creating a new model FF was applied futuristic style and casual elegance. This body shape is something new and something that is not seen for a long time from this company. It is set on the new redesigned and extended platform with an innovative suspension. The car is about 193 inches long, has a width of 77 inches and a height of 54 inches.

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The new coupe version gets a redesigned front grille and side vents for air circulation. Headlights are fantastic and equipped with LED technology of high quality. As principal of jeb www.pro-essay-writer.com/ stuart high school in falls church, va. But recognizable lines, good aerodynamics and aggressiveness are still there. The roof line is quite skewed with a very attractive rear end. There are round light units and dual exhaust system on both sides. FF gets a distinctive high quality exterior paint. Wheels have been redesigned and there is no doubt in appearance and beauty.

2016 Ferrari FF - exterior design

2016 Ferrari FF and Equipment

The main feature of the model Ferrari FF is just interior look and space. Cabin can accommodate four passengers, and this time enough luggage. The luggage compartment has a volume of less than 98 gallons. When you pull down the rear seats volume increases to 176 gallons. What is quite interesting. To assemble the interior are used only the best materials. There are sports leather seats with high comfort and perfect ergonomics. All accessories are accessible to the driver without any problems.

2016 Ferrari FF - interior 1

Dominated by gentle shapes pleasing to the eye and driving. The steering wheel is covered with leather with all the necessary keys. In the middle of the cockpit is the screen of 6. 5 inches. It is connected with a navigation system, a DVD player, a CD player, an AM / , communication options etc. Satellite navigation broadcasts a 3D map. You can connect and devices as well as use of the Internet. For a complete pleasure it is available premium audio device with a power of 640W.

2016 Ferrari FF - interior

2016 Ferrari FF Engine Power

Ferrari FF is equipped with the top engine. It is a 6. 3-liter V12 engine with an output of 660 hp and torque of 680 lb / ft. Acceleration from 0 to 62 mph is achieved in 3. 7 seconds. Maximum speed is indicated as 208 mph. But especially interesting is the all-wheel drive as historic move by the company Ferrari. Power will be transmitted to the wheels by 7 speed automatic transmission with double clutch. As a standard part will be placed Brembo carbon ceramic brakes. Significant reduction in fuel consumption is achieved by using the Start / Stop system.

2016 Ferrari FF - engine

Safety Features for 2016 Ferrari FF

For fast cars such as the 2016 Ferrari FF requires modern and efficient safety equipment. Future owners can relax because everything you need is present in this car. Besides the already mentioned ceramic brakes, there are various sensors, cameras, stability control, airbags and much more.

Celebrities and Cars

Any model of the company Ferrari is very popular among the rich and famous personalities. FF owns a Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren, popular American singer Nicki Minaj, a professional American basketball player Dwight Howard, rapper 50 Cent and many other personalities from the world of music, film and sport.

2016 Ferrari FF - celebrities

Release Date and Price for 2016 Ferrari FF

It is likely that this car will be launched into the sale with the arrival of 2016 year. The price will vary depending on the equipment, but the basic model should cost around $ 300,000.

2016 Ferrari FF - release date and price

Competitors for 2016 Ferrari FF

Competition is really dangerous. Each is good and fast in a special way. There are Aston Martin Vanquish, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT and Bentley Continental GT.

2016 Ferrari FF - competitors


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