2016 Ford F-350 Changes and Engine

All trucks from the American manufacturers can be considered as a high-quality vehicles. Of course one of the primary models is the new 2016 Ford F-350.

2016 Ford F-350 Exterior Changes and Line

With the redesign of the external design of the F-350 pickup, it is not lost strength and rigidity. Quite the opposite. They expressed the power that this vehicle certainly has primarily on field work. Those who are interested in the adventures or their priority id job, will make the right choice. The right solution. Pretty flat surfaces and curved parts, are features of the truck from the F series. This design was immediately accepted by the drivers or customers. It has a very aggressive design when it comes to the working class. Equally stylish and designed with great care. Coming new vertical LED headlamps and front fine grille. Enough is large in size and is made of chrome material.


The truck has a length of 246.8 inches, a height of 77.2 inches and a width of 79.9 inches. The wheelbase is 156.2 inches. Will be produced with a completely redesigned wheels and with 8 new external color. Cabin contains four doors and the rear very functional trailer. All necessary accessories for easy entry into the trailer and easier loading and unloading goods, are present. Bumpers and mudguards are reinforced, while the body is made of high quality materials. But at the same time the weight of the vehicle is reduced, as is the goal of most present-day automobile manufacturers. With mirrors are integrated turn signals while windows can optionally be tinted.

2016 Ford F-350 - exterior design

2016 Ford F-350 Interior Design and Equipment

Ride in a truck Ford F-350 is very comfortable. How on uneven terrain and on the highway. But you certainly do not expect comfort of a limousine. The steering is very precise with all the necessary controls. What is very important when you’re on the field operations where one mistake can mean a lot. Rich equipment is still present with increasing technological toys. But trim levels will be different. All depending on which is the purpose of the truck.

2016 Ford F-350 - interior 1


All seats are upholstered with high-quality materials with electronic settings. Lumbar support can be set separately. The rear seats can be folded so you get more space in the cabin. The instrumentation is very good quality. At the center is a large screen of 10 inches, as the brain of the whole system equipment. Through this managed audio device, communication system, but Ford can boasts also with MyFord Infotainment System.

2016 Ford F-350 - interior

2016 Ford F-350 Engine Power and Options

So far are known two engines that will constitute an offer under the hood. The first is a 6.2-liter V8 gasoline engine with 16 valves. It has an output of 385 hp and torque of 405 lb / ft. From 0 to 60 mph sprint in 7.8 seconds and reaches a top speed of 94 mph. The second engine is a turbo diesel engine with an output of 440 hp and torque of 860 lb / ft. Power is located at the rear but it is possible and on all four wheels. To transfer rate in charge is 6-speed automatic transmission. Fuel tank capacity is 35 gallons.

2016 Ford F-350 - engine

Safety features for 2016 Ford F-350

Safety is very important for every vehicle, but work trucks have additional systems. The brakes are of excellent quality and without problems can stop the load that you drag or carry. From other parts of the security equipment announced the following: ABS, plenty of airbags, tire pressure control, Traction control, immobilizer, warning of a crash and a lot more useful.

Release Date and Price for 2016 Ford F-350

By the end of this year Ford F-350 will make happy customers who eagerly await. But if it does not think it comes with the arrival of the year 2016. Prices will be colored depending on the package. But the basic model will cost about $ 35,000.

2016 Ford F-350 - release date and price

Competitors for 2016 Ford F-350

The competition is not great but is very strong. As the main competitors will appear Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Ram and GMC Sierra.

2016 Ford F-350 - competitors

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