2016 Ford Ranger Price

Very current 2016 will be presented in a redesigned version. It is marked as “The Hardest Worker” because it has impressive features.

2016 Ford Ranger Exterior Changes

As with previous models, the new 2016 Ford Ranger will be visually attractive and modern. This comparison is certainly working with the outgoing model. It works much more robust and serious. It should be redesigned in some parts. But the changes will not affect too much the complete picture of the truck. Real opportunities are quite large. Ranger will not be issued even in deep water, mud, rocks or sand. If equipped with the right tires is capable of great feats. It is produced in two body versions. With two or four doors. Depends under your needs. In addition to the standard version, the offer should include and road variant of the Ranger pickup, called Wildtrack. It will have huge tires and a slightly different equipment.

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Length of the truck will not vary in relation to the choice of cabin or trailer. There remains about 200 inches. But because changing the length of the cab and trailer changes. In the case of a four-door cab reduces the trailer. But if you opt for a two-door, you get a huge trailer. Transport abilities are phenomenal. Length can sometimes be a problem for parking. On the front is represented by a beautiful chrome grille and. Body weight should be reduced by using aluminum in production. Sharper lines and redesigned bumpers and mirrors, make better aerodynamics. Behind the wheel of 2016 Ford Ranger will feel safe and very powerful. Therefore, this truck also has an interesting nickname. It is Urban Cowboy.

2016 Ford Ranger - exterior design

2016 Ford Ranger Interior Changes

Despite the fact that the 2016 Ford Ranger is a huge pickup, it is very functional for a ride. On the contrary, position of the driver is sufficiently elevated to provide excellent visibility. Use of the command is lightweight and does not bother the driver. The cabin is made of high quality and soft materials. Changes have occurred, both in the layout of the controls and in appearance. Everything is modern and functional. Ergonomic keys and control is better. The design of the dashboard is striking and even act as luxury. Plastic surface does not seem cheap even if it comes to working vehicle.

2016 Ford Ranger - interior1

The seats are comfortable and equipped with heaters. If desired, can be upholstered in leather. Places for storing smaller items is enough. The center console is a great planned. All you need is available. Functional and technological set at a high level. It should be noted the existence of a compass and measuring the inclination of the vehicle. After all, this is the off-road machines. Basically everything is set to the middle. A small display in the upper part is connected to a system. Audio device is connected to a 6-speaker, / MP3 player, navigation, communication options etc. Possible to mount and display to the rear of the cabin, as well as the Internet. All in all a lot of equipment in combination with the quality, which raises 2016 Ford Ranger on the top of the list. They also let you store the original disk safely and take the besttrackingapps.com/ copy with you.

2016 Ford Ranger - interior

2016 Options

As the heart of the 2016 Ford Ranger will be set up durable and functional engine. It is a 2. 0-liter. It will be located under the base model Ranger. It has an output of 240 HP and torque of 270 lb / ft. Consumption will be better than the outgoing engine from the base model. But the 2. 0-liter engine comes in the diesel variant. But with the power of 160 HP up to 190 HP and torque certainly greater than 250 lb / ft. In the plan is another. It could be a 3. 2-liter with better characteristics or similar power. Torque should be approximately 350 lb / ft. Engines will work with a 6 speed automatic transmission. Power will be transmitted to the rear wheels or optional four.

2016 Ford Ranger - engine

Safety features for 2016 Ford Ranger

Security is so good that it is difficult to find any flaw. On the security test Ranger marked history as the first pick-up who has won all five stars. It is the testing. This is the best result ever recorded when it comes to the truck. This is no small matter because EuroNCA has the highest authority in the field of crash tests. Experts of the organization evaluate the results of the Ford Ranger as impressive and extraordinary. Ranger will be equipped with airbags, sensors on the front and rear, chrome rolbar, ABS, stability control, camera, special brake system and a lot more.

2016 Ford Ranger - safety features

Celebrities and Cars

and pickups from other manufacturers are not in the first position to celebrities. More are opting for luxury cars, which mark prestige. But Ford Ranger does have interested some people. It is an Australian actress Isabel Lucas who proudly rides through the streets of California in his vehicle.

Release Date and Price for 2016 Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger should go into production by the end of the year, which means that sales will begin only with the arrival of 2016 year. Many are eagerly awaiting this model, particularly those who work depends on the vehicle. Basic price could be around $ 20,000. As competitors can extract Toyota Hilux, Volkswagen Amarok and Ford F-150.

2016 Ford Ranger - release date and price.

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