2016 Ford Taurus Sho Specs

Ford will soon launch another sedan. It is a 2016 Ford Taurus with the characteristics of modern vehicles. The changes will affect the quality improvement.

Exterior Design of the 2016 Ford Taurus

In order to track the auto industry fashion trends, designers of the new model 2016 Ford Taurus have taken some modifications. The external appearance is improved although the changes are not too big. What was it necessary for the change is changed. In this way the car is beautified but also improved in terms of functionality. Is adjusted elegance. The line is improved and consequently affect the aerodynamics. Taurus is behaving much better on the road and at higher speeds. The platform has remained the same, but the materials are changed in the making. The larger part is aluminum which automatically reduces the weight of the vehicle. Hexagonal front grille is made of horizontal fins and framed by chrome garnish. On both sides can be observed aggressive and dynamic LED light with integrated indicator signals. At the bottom of the bumper is set opening for air circulation.

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Body will include a four-door as we expected. The windows are framed by chrome while the door handles are in body color. On the roof is designed glass roof that runs electronically. The last part is more massive than previously. Equipped with large foursquare lights. They are equipped with LED technology. At the door of the trunk is a decorative chrome garnish passing through the company’s logo. On the upper end is positioned functional spoiler. The whole design is very compact and represents Ford Taurus sedan as the quality for everyone’s needs. The exhaust system will be set up in the form of two chrome exhaust pipes. With one on each side. To make the whole picture complete, will be fitted new redesigned alloy wheels in size from 20 inches.

2016 Ford Taurus - exterior design

Interior Design of the 2016 Ford Taurus

The interior of the 2016 Ford Taurus gets totally new dimension. Equipped with sophisticated details and materials that are pleasant in all respects. Comfort is raised to a higher level. There’s enough room for five passengers, while the trunk has a satisfactory capacity. The seats are comfortable and soft, lined with high-quality leather. They can be set on several levels through electronic control. The redesign included the central part of the cabin where are all keys and systems. Simplicity is visible but at the same time and beauty. Everything is blended skillfully with a view and the point. In the middle is the TFT touch screen display with 8-inch, which is a basic tool for managing a large part of the system. This refers to the improved audio device, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, connecting external devices, Internet or 2GB of memory or data storage for navigation maps. It is functionally placed so that the driver had unimpeded access to the data and the key. Behind the wheel is a large flat display of 16 inches. It provides all the necessary information pertaining to the operation of the vehicle. What many and most are safety features. In this group belongs Last cameras, cameras on the rear-view mirrors, airbags, ABS, Traction control, immobilizer etc.

2016 Ford Taurus - interior

2016 Ford Taurus – Engines

If it’s true what they say, 2016 Ford Taurus will be sold with three engines. The first is a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine, while the second option could be the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine. Lovers of power should be able to meet the third motor. This place occupies EcoBoost 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine. It has an output of 365 HP and a torque of 475 lb / ft. This direct injection is one of the key improvements for the Ford Taurus. Because this kind of thing only mode ideal air-fuel mixture. Improper combustion is off and has improved fuel economy. With front-wheel drive and 9 speed transfer mode just so something is achievable.

2016 Ford Taurus - engine

What is the release date and price 2016 Ford Taurus?

Those who are looking forward to the new 2016 Ford Taurus will have to wait until the second half of this year. The price is still a mystery. But according to unofficial data, the basic model could cost around $ 30,000. Competitors are the Chevrolet Impala, Volkswagen Passat, Chrysler 300, Toyota Avalon, Nissan Maxima etc.

2016 Ford Taurus - release date and price

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