2016 Honda Civic release date

2016 Honda Civic push the boundaries of design. Tidy, tested and restyled. It has a very dramatic look and enhanced powerful performance. A real charmer.

Exterior features of the 2016 Honda Civic

Changes to the exterior of the Honda Civic are evolutionary. Designers have retained great imagination and was followed by a completely new forms. This creation has made the modern car with futuristic lines or distinctive points. Sophistication is placed on a higher level as well as aerodynamics. After 40 years of existence, Honda Civic set the new border and high standards. The new model will be repositioned in relation to its predecessor. Will be produced in three versions. As a sedan, hatchback and wagon. For a limo is designed special chassis frame and represents a special passive safety system. 

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2016 Honda Civic is set on a completely new platform that will provide a reduction in production costs. But at the same time much better driving performance. The front part is very aggressive and attack freely road ahead. Windshield is little changed and raised under better angle. The front bumper is promoted. Aggressive LED lights are installed as part of the bumper smooth and akt fantastic. Contain and daytime running lights. The front grille of the Honda Civic is filled with honeycomb and smaller in size. These smaller parts are mounted in the lower part. It is here that are placed round fog lights. This time a little more will be given to the hatchback model. It is much more common because there are plenty of sports performance. On the rear is fitted redesigned spoiler, as redesigned LED lights. Housed in the upper part, next to the spoiler. Design is very unusual and unique. But that is precisely what makes the 2016 Honda Civic different from other cars.

2016 Honda Civic - exterior design

Interior of the 2016 Honda Civic

2016 Honda Civic provides a high level of comfort. Cab will be able to accommodate five passengers. Represented only the best materials and equipment that will delight many. Japanese automakers have always been known for its rich equipment. But of course the basic model will not contain all the equipment. The space at the rear is slightly expanded, especially in the limo. The seats in the 2016 Honda Civic are upholstered in a soft material and are equipped with heaters. All adjustments and shifts are performed electronically. A lot of parts is decorated with chrome details. These are the parts around the vents, steering wheel, around the gear lever, the door etc. All models are maximally dedicated to the needs of drivers. Parts are facing to driver position. Control panel behind the steering wheel contains all the necessary information about the current performance of the Honda. First of all the speed, revs, fuel consumption, amount of fuel in the tank, outside temperature, engine temperature, etc. Mainly dominated by the blue LED light that absolutely does not matter for the eyes. The readings on the 2016 Honda Civic are clear and simple. On the steering wheel is part of the control key, and the management is quickly and easily. Intelligent technology further improves ride. Infotainment system is more advanced than before. Honda Connect provides connectivity to the Internet over a wireless network or WiFi router. Everything is displayed on the touch screen of 7 inches. Google search engine is available to passengers. Consequently and listening to your favorite radio sites, news, weather forecasts and more. Over the same screen will be used navigation, hands-free kit, Bluetooth and a complete Honda audio system. It will all be able to connect their smart phones. Safety features’re on the 2016 Honda Civic are much more important. Especially because of the way it drives today. Sharp and fast. There is a City-Active Brake system to reduce the risk of accidents, then the lane detection, monitoring an acute angle, parking sensors, traffic sign recognition, and more.

2016 Honda Civic - interior

2016 Honda Civic – engines

With the new model Honda Civic is likely to be represented current powertrain. It is a 1.8 liter 4 cylinder engine. It is capable of producing an output of 143hp and torque of 129 lb / f. Will operate in conjunction with CVT transmissions. The result is a shift to 30 miles around the city and 39 miles on the highway with a single gallon of fuel. Enhanced version will have under its hood 2.4-liter engine. It will produce an output of 200 HP and torque of 170 lb / ft. This engine is associated with a 6 speed automatic or manual transmission. Together with the ECO system, fuel consumption should be reduced. It is a fact that pleased many fans of Honda Civic vehicles.

2016 Honda Civic - engine

Release date and rpice for the 2016 Honda Civic

The company hopes to Honda Civic will be one of the best selling models in America. According to unofficial information, this car could be found on sale in the spring of next year. The main competitors are the Ford Focus, Toyota Corolla and Mazda 3. Price should be able to be as about            $ 30,000.

2016 Honda Civic - release date and price

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