2016 Honda HR-V review

The Japanese company will launch a new model 2016 Honda HR-V. The compact crossover will bring a smile to all lovers of good cars. It is an urban terrain.

Interior feaatures of the 2016 Honda HR-V

2016 Honda CR-V will present its modern and attractive appearance and thus inflict a major blow to competitors. Complete redesign is still ongoing. However, the concept of which is shown not be much different from a production version. The vehicle is placed on the Jazz technology platform model. Belongs to a group of mini because it is smaller. This SUV vehicles classified as suitable for city driving. Appearance is not much changed compared to the previous model. But certainly a large part of the segments has been improved and modernized. Each part is magnificent and designed with good reason. The of the 2016 Honda HR-V line has been improved to give a better aerodynamics. The front grille is large and composed of a combination of high quality plastic and chrome parts. In the lower part is fitted a smaller opening for air flow and filled with honeycomb. On both sides can be observed round fog lights. Headlights have surprisingly sharp look. Emphasized the aggressiveness, and are equipped with quality lighting.

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The shape of the body has a lower stance with upper part showing the vehicle as a coupe. Body contains five doors and optional tinted windows. What is particularly interesting are the door handles. On the front doors are painted in body color while on the rear are cleverly hidden. They are located right next to the window in the upper part. Such details characterize the Honda HR-V as a sports car. Fenders are quite pronounced and more massive than before. The upper part is converted into a panoramic roof that moves electronically. But especially it can open a small glass sunroof. On the roof is a fin antenna and roof rails. Mirrors on the 2016 Honda HR-V are fluid and contain blinkers. On the back are set a large LED lights and a roof spoiler with a signal light. The door of the trunk are quite large and open electronically. With Honda HR-V will install new redesigned alloy wheels of 17 inches. The right family vehicle that meets the needs of the modern driver.

2016 Honda HR-V - exterior design

Changes to the interior of the 2016 Honda HR-V

Apart from the fact that the 2016 Honda CR-V is a car small size, provide a spacious cabin for five passengers. There are a large role modular seating called “Magic Seats”. They are covered with a soft skin and allow several seating configuration. All this is of course done through electronic keys. Trunk volume is increased only with one stroke. The fuel tank in the Honda HR-V was relocated and now it is under the rear seat. Packing a greater burden is now much easier. How? The last row of seats can be fully concluded to be flush with the trunk lid part. This gives a flat and large free area. Every part of the cabin is equipped with electronic controls. Totally futuristic but attractive and beautiful. Command buttons are at the door, steering wheel and of course on the central part.

The entire interior is made of quality materials and in as few colors. Add the garnish of chromium, just in places where is needed. Technological progress is immediately noticeable. But many would say that it was expected. At the center of the cockpit is a touch screen which has the function of a computer. The size is 7 inches. Immediately above is the slot for inserting CDs. In addition to that, it allows the use of internet connection which follows a number of other functions and systems. These are primarily Internet radio, Pandora radio, receiving and sending mail messages, phone calls, etc. But the whole story is not over. Equipment in the Honda HR-V contains navigation, air conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity, USB port, excellent audio system, input for other devices, and more. Safety features are represented in a big way. In this group are airbags, tire pressure monitoring, warning of the crash, the camera in the mirrors, ABS, immobilizer etc. They expect excellent results on test security test.

2016 Honda HR-V - interior

Engines for the 2016 Honda HR-V

2016 Honda HR-V should include in its offer two engines. The first is a 1.8 liter 4 cylinder engine. It will produce an output of 142 HP and torque of 132 lb / ft. With this engine is designed 6-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. But you can also choose to drive to all four wheels. With this option go CVT transmission. In the second place it should appear 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine with 16 valves. It will produce an output of 117 HP and torque of 106 lb / ft. Force will be transmitted to the front wheels. All engines will be associated with the Start / Stop system operation.

2016 Honda HR-V - engine

Release date and price for the 2016 Honda HR-V

2016 Honda HR-V should appear with the arrival of spring, but as a model for next year. Include markets in Europe and America. The main competitors could be the Jeep Renegade and Mazda CX -3. Price should be in the range of $ 20,000 to $ 25,000, depending on the equipment.

2016 Honda HR-V - release date and price

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