2016 Lincoln MKX Release

A vehicle like the 2016 you simply must like. Crossover is fascinating from every angle. Will enchant the driver, passenger or the observers.

Exterior design of the 2016 Lincoln MKX

Another name for the elegance and refinement is the 2016 Lincoln MKX. In addition, it features a beauty, durability and reliability. extraordinary information. It is very attractive and stylish. With accurate design that is marked by a finely sculptured parts and decorations. Attractive front with a redesigned grille, which is composed of the chrome. It is connected with aggressive LED headlights. Within these beacons were installed and BiXenon light. Are larger in size and provide a very good and precise illumination. The SUV is mounted on the. This time is composed of light and durable material, which improves the performance. Compared to the previous model Lincoln MKX,  differences are obvious. Body contains five doors. They are equipped with the latest electronic controls and in the upper part containing roof spoiler. The complete body is covered with plastic sheeting. The offer will include high-quality exterior paint. On the top end is notable large panoramic glass roof. Management is also done by electronic means.

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2016 Lincoln MKX line is improved and therefore the aerodynamics. Door handles are in body color while the rear-view mirrors have integrated turn indicators. The back side is a massive with increased rounded fenders and big lights. LED illumination provides high energy savings but also an amazing lighting. Two details are important and noticeable. It’s a double exhaust system and attractive alloy wheels in sizes of 18, 20 and 21 inch. 2016 Lincoln MKX is certainly the right choice for larger families or for business people. People who spend a lot of time in the car.

2016 Lincoln MKX - exterior design

2016 Lincoln MKX – Interior Spec

2016 Lincoln MKX has a cabin that is designed to be useful, but modern and partly to belong to luxury. They were used only the best materials and equipment. When you open the doors first are evident comfortable seat upholstered in leather. Options seat adjustments are enormous. It is even possible to use 22 ways and include heating or cooling possible. All this can be memorized and no worries. Accommodates five passengers and ample luggage. Lincoln MKX provides a lot of storage compartments.

The aim of the designers and engineers was the perfection of the interior. For this purpose, inserted the details of aluminum, chromium and natural wood. Were placed on the door, steering wheel and center console. The instrument panel is dedicated to the driver. Provided the complete control of all systems. The center console is called floating with a large touch screen. Controls are mounted on the steering wheel, door and all around the driver. But the thing is not complicated. Because a lot of thought about the functionality and ease of management. The entertainment part of the system is phenomenal. Over the modem it connects to the Internet and use of all necessary Android application. It also refers to the ability to connect. Wireless connection is possible through MyLincoln Mobile Applications. It is available for , Android and Windows systems.

Audio experience in the 2016 Lincoln MKX will provide Revel audio system with 13 or optional 19-speaker. Stereo is such a delight, as if you were at a concert in the acoustic hall. It’s not a classic stereo sound, it is enriched with Quantum Logic Surround system. The cabin is further soundproof and the whole story is brought to perfection. There are also many other innovative features. There is a front facing camera that captures all stretched around the vehicle within a radius of 360 degrees. Then, air conditioning, air filtration in the cabin, satellite radio, subwoofer, memory card slot, USB port, hands-free phone, auxiliary audio input, etc. But security is still surpassed expectations. As an important segment of each vehicle, Lincoln MKX will be equipped with ABS, traction and stability control, brake assist, airbags, automatic headlights and a lot more.

2016 Lincoln MKX - interior

2016 Lincoln MKX – Engine Spec

The American company, for now plans to place two engines with model Lincoln MKX. For a more relaxed riders but also for those who prefer strength and power. The first is a 2. 7-liter twin-turbo with an output of 330 HP and a torque of 370 lb / ft. The second is a 3. 7-liter V6 engine that will produce an output of 300 HP and torque of 280 lb / ft. The drive is mounted to the front wheels while the transmission will be in charge of a 6-speed automatic transmission.

2016 Lincoln MKX - engine

What is the release date and price for the 2016 Lincoln MKX?

Lincoln MKX was shown as a concept in 2014. Since then was upgraded and prepared for sale. This should happen at the end of this year on the American market. Basic price could be around $ 32,000. The main competitors are the Acura MDX, BMW X5 and.

2016 Lincoln MKX - release date and price.

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