2016 Nissan Z concept

The new model 2016 Z should be attractive to a wider range of customers. Refreshed version will take a new attitude and a modern design.

Exterior design for the 2016 Nissan Z

Sports model like the 2016 Nissan Z must always retain a great deal of aggression. Otherwise it will be lost and become something else. Something for has not been prepared. Aggressiveness and dynamism while driving are the main advantages of this car. The new model will be redesigned and prepared for the challenges. For the production will be used lighter materials or better functionality. It will mainly be used aluminum and magnesium. In this way, the car will lose weight. But will not macerate. It remains broad, strong and confident in appearance. The line is very attractive and provides excellent aerodynamics. With small features of elegance simply tempts you to sit behind the wheel. What each driver will experience is a real adventure.

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The front is narrow and simply cut the air in front. It contains a large opening for air circulation and sharp LED headlights. They have a very modern design that adds a special flair to whole appearance. Body contains two doors, attractive fenders and many additional details in appearance. On the back the designers have tried to create a single image. Ideal are blended lights, spoiler and specially formed fender. Rear lights are very similar to the front. On the wing features two vents as well as a large chrome exhaust pipe on each side. Is it even necessary to mention that the Nissan has a very modern wheels. Nissan Z gets new redesigned wheels and attractive enough to attract immediate attention.

2016 Nissan Z - exterior design

Interior design of the 2016 Nissan Z

The interior of the 2016 model Nissan Z is spacious enough even though it is a small sports car. The room is very pleasant and passengers will be surrounded by a soft and high quality materials. As usual represented the sports seats whose shape corresponds totally to sporty driving style. Coated with high quality materials and equipped with electronic adjustment. Positioned are low in the cab so the driver is in an ideal position for a harsher ride. The control part is ideally placed. Only small movements are enough to make you car listening. In the hands boasts excellent and contains some commands. The most advanced security systems will worry about the safety of passengers. These are lane departure warning, airbags, ABS, stability control, background camera, parking sensors and certainly very good quality brakes.

The part that most interested potential customers are certainly technological additives. Yet time has taken its toll. Included is a modern entertainment systems, communication and management. The large is located at the middle table and it can be closed. Is associated with almost all functions. Audio device is high quality and provides a unique experience. Plays almost all music tracks, includes a USB port, AM / , connecting external devices, etc. H2o2 + 2 i- i2 + 2 oh- der Homepage anzuschauen sauerstoff in der oxidationsstufe -i wird zur oxidationsstufe -ii im hydroxidion reduziert. Communication is very important. Especially for someone who is constantly on the move. Internet connection should be incorporated in the equipment. If this happens entails a lot of other functions related to the internet. Hands-free phone calls will be conducted using a bluetooth connection.

2016 Nissan Z - interior

2016 Nissan Z – engines

According to some reports 2016 Nissan Z will appear with a gasoline engine as well as a hybrid model. The petrol engine should be 2. 0-liter 4-cylinder turbo engine. This engine is the result of cooperation with the German company Mercedes-Benz. It will produce an output of 211 HP and torque of 258 lb / ft. This engine with an electric motor will do a hybrid combination. The hybrid model will be formed together with the 7-speed. From this combination should go out 247 HP and torque of 350 lb / ft. It is a plan for the European market while the US market will get little more powerful engine. It could be a 3. 0-liter V6 engine. It will produce an output of 350 HP, and will work with 6 speed manual and 7-speed automatic transmission.

2016 Nissan Z - engine

What is the release date and price for the 2016 Nissan Z?

The whole plan around the model 2016 Nissan Z is still under testing and information are not one hundred percent secure. Sales will not begin before the arrival of the year 2016. Basic price could be around $ 35,000. The largest competitors of this car are Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and Hyundai Genesis.

2016 Nissan Z - release date and price.