2016 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

Japanese company Toyota has quality limousines. In this class, is the new model 2016. It is characterized by a modern look and attractiveness.

2016 Toyota Avalon – external characteristics

such as the 2016 Toyota Avalon belongs to a class of elegant vehicles with smaller details of luxury. In a way, this is mixture of luxury, elegance and sportiness. Redesign is noticeable from all sides of the vehicle. Changed the look in those areas where it was needed. All with the goal of increasing sales and of course customer satisfaction. Do not miss elegance. The line is very subtle, which leads to improved aerodynamics. The front part is very attractive. With a large mask in the lower part and the small details at the top. The lower grille is made of horizontally placed strips of chrome and is also an excellent opening for air circulation. Headlights are skewed and quite aggressive. They are equipped with technology, while also are restyled and turn signals. One can say that the front part is successfully reshaped.

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Body will include a four-door and colors of high quality. The color palette will be increased compared to the previous model. On the mirrors are integrated blinkers in color as the car. 2016 Toyota Avalon has a slightly reduced rear windows but equally functional. The windows are framed by chrome garnish. On the roof is a glass roof that opens electronically. The last part is sustained the biggest changes. It is very nice designed with elements of luxury and futuristic looks. The lights on the 2016 Toyota Avalon are equipped with LED technology and are mounted horizontally. They occupy a lot of space but also the lateral part of the surface at the door of the trunk. With additional decorations and two rectangular chrome exhaust pipes can be dosed with any car in its class. Alloy wheels are redesigned. The offer will include two sizes. From 17 inches and 18 inches.

2016 Toyota Avalon - exterior design

2016 Toyota Avalon – interior features

The interior of the 2016 Toyota Avalon can accommodate five passengers. There is provided enough space and comfortable ride. The seats are upholstered in high quality leather and equipped with all the additional settings. The cabin is planned very precisely with all necessary parts and components. There were used only quality materials. This is primarily related to the details of the wood, chrome and aluminum. The central part of the table is a place for the touch screen of 7 inches. It’s nice boxed and in a manner belongs to the steering wheel. Certainly this is not a criticism but a big plus for the driver. This move proved to be very functional because the driver an easy way to manage all systems.


The equipment will be distributed on several levels. Each level will bear his mark. So will incur models 2016 Toyota Avalon XLE, XLE Plus, XLE Premium, Limited and Touring. The equipment is very rich. Include many additions related to entertainment but also for the safety of vehicles and passengers primarily. On display will be linked navigation system. Audio device with great potential, USB port, Bluetooth connectivity, possible internet connection, hands-free calling, voice commands and so on. To the driver will be available and , tire pressure monitoring as well as. Here are still a lot of security features that we have not mentioned, but they do the job very well.

2016 Toyota Avalon - interior

2016 Toyota Avalon – Engine Options

Toyota Avalon will be equipped with a powerful engine. It is a 3. 5-liter that generates an output of 268 HP and a torque of 336 lb / ft. But that’s not all what offers Avalon. It is planned the production of hybrid models. Under the hood will be placed in a 2. 5-liter with work by Atkins cycle and an electric motor. It will produce a total power output of 200HP.

2016 Toyota Avalon - engine

What is the release date and price for the 2016 Toyota Avalon?

2016 Toyota Avalon will be produced in America. For this reason, market will first see this model. Expected good sales on the territory where the company Toyota has a lot of loyal customers. The car should appear at the end of this year. The price will range from $ 32,000 to $ 40,000 dead. The main competitors are the

and Hyundai Azera.

2016 Toyota Avalon - release date and price.

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