2017 BMW 1 series in USA

The Bavarian manufacturer does not cease to surprise us. On the quay is 2017 BMW 1 series. The stylish sedan with all quality and functionality.

2017 BMW 1 series Exterior Design

Production of the BMW 1 series in the form of sedan, is scheduled for Brazil. This compact model will have a very modern exterior. It is based on the UKL architecture with distinctive features front and rear LED light units. The proportions, lines and surfaces emphasize the authentic BMW. Every detail is subtle and unique. The task of designers and engineers is filled with no problem.


The grille will be wide enough to push the headlights on the edge of the car. Based on these and other details, we can say that it is the same philosophy of making cars, just in a more modern way. On the sides are the lines, that make the vehicle specific, but it is possible that this will not be noticed right away. The rear lights each will occupy part of the trunk door. In addition, the restyled rear bumper and inserted a modern exhaust system of high quality.

2017 BMW 1 series - exterior

2017 BMW 1 series Interior Design

Cabin space is much more pleasant, sporty, little luxurious but extremely comfortable. With all design modifications and quality materials, the interior is just perfectly planned. The cockpit is oriented towards the driver maximum. iDrive system is likely to be present in the new BMW 1 series, as in other models. In combination with the touch screen, there will be navigation, good audio device, telecommunication options etc.

2017 BMW 1 series - interior 1

A lot of attention is given to arrangement of instrumentation and control panel displays. Air vents and air conditioning controls are positioned functional. In addition to the above, should not be represented a large number of keys. Because it can sometimes confuse the driver. The space for the driver is very functional and well designed. The seats are comfortable, coated with pleasant materials and adjusters electronically. The steering wheel is also adjustable in depth and height.

2017 BMW 1 series - interior

2017 BMW 1 series Engine Power

According to some indications BMW 1 series should have a drive on the front axle or integrated as an option. Under the hood could be found 1.5 liter petrol engine with an output of 136 hp. As a second variant will be 3.0 liter engine which comes with two power levels, 192 hp and 231 hp.

2017 BMW 1 series - engine

Safety features for 2017 BMW 1 series

No specific data on safety equipment are still lacking. But according to the habits and experience we can assume that this will be a modern security systems. Such as: air bags, traction control, stability control, pedestrian detection, automatic headlights, navigation, Brake Assist, tire pressure monitoring etc.

2017 BMW 1 series - safety

Competitors for 2017 BMW 1 series

Who will dare to compete with the BMW 1 series has not quite certainly. It remains to be seen. However, one should expect a quality vehicle manufacturers and high-quality cars. Just a top of auto industry. As competitors would be able to appear: Mercedes-Benz A class, Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Volkswagen Golf, Audi A3 and Acura TLX.

2017 BMW 1 series - comeptitors

Release Date and Price for 2017 BMW 1 series

Before joining next year, BMW 1 will not appear on the market in retail. For this month’s scheduled an exhibition of cars where it will be shown BMW 1 series. After that we will know more details. The price is a mystery, but the basic model could cost around $ 30,000.

 2017 BMW 1 series - release date

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