2017 BMW i3 Release Date

As the future of the auto industry are certainly electric vehicles. Part of the train system will be the new 2107 BMW i3. Technically advanced and modern.

2017 BMW i3 Exterior Design

At first glance, the BMW i3 will surely delight. It comes with improved design. Many details of the layout are known, because it is so far shown on a prototype. The car is designed quite pragmatically, with rear doors that open in the opposite direction. Shorter from the front and can be opened only when the front door is opened. The front and rear part remained quite on the concept.


With functional LED lights, distinctive mask and beautifully shaped fenders. External dimensions are very compact. i3 has a length of 157 inches, a width of 70 inches and height of 62 inches. Primarily liable for city driving and large crowds. There will be set short overhangs and the glass surface. The absence of B-pillar will facilitate entry into the vehicle. The body structure is very advanced, with good material. This will provide a very good and functional vehicle weight. From traditional BMW models, is not much deviated. Only were added the black elements on the hood, roof and third door.

2017 BMW i3 - exterior

2017 BMW i3 Interior Design

The interior of the car is very futuristic. This is most visible on the steering column, where are set specific commands. Can be seen two screens sensitive to touch, with all the necessary information for the driver. The dashboard is digitized, with pleasant lighting. The central screen is similar to the tablet device and is connected with all the necessary multimedia capabilities. The cabin can accommodate four passengers.

2017 BMW i3 - inteiro 1

The seats are comfortable, upholstered with high-quality materials and have good ergonomics. The seating position is slightly higher, partly because of the structure of the vehicle. But the producer thought primarily on the wishes of customers. There will be several trim levels. These are: Atelier, Loft, Lodge and Suites. Standard equipment will include iDrive system, the use of hands-free telephony, integration of the phone via USB or Bluetooth connection, variable luggage compartment and air conditioning. At the request can be obtained the seat heater.

2017 BMW i3 - interior

2017 BMW i3 Engine Power

Under the hood will be placed 0.65 liter 2-cylinder petrol engine, which will act as a generator and a power of 34 hp. It will be connected to a tank of 2.4 gallons. BMW i3 is equipped with a lithium ion battery of 33 kWh. Hence the power of 170 hp and torque of 184 lb / ft. Power will be transmitted to the rear wheels via a single speed automatic transmission. From 0 to 60 mph, the BMW i3 can arrive in 7 seconds. It has a top speed of 93 mph. The driver will be able to change the three driving modes. These are: Comfort, ECO and ECO PRO + PRO.

2017 BMW i3 - engine

Safety Features for 2017 BMW i3

Regarding to security, the developers gave the maximum for the driver and passengers safety. As part of the standard equipment will equate with plenty of airbags, traction control, stability control, brake assist, brake drying function, camera, parking sensors, etc. In the endurance test, the BMW i3 wins four stars out of a maximum of five.

2017 BMW i3 - safety

Competitors for 2017 BMW i3

Although it is an electric vehicle, that is ideal for city driving, the future of the auto industry, still there are not many on the market. The only adequate vehicle, which in the right way can compete with the BMW i3, for now is the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive. However there are still Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Bolt and Tesla Model 3.

2017 BMW i3 - competitors

Release Date and Price for 2017 BMW i3

For now, all over the world was presented the concept of the BMW i3. Just to see how this car should look like. However, much has been transferred to series production. The vehicle will not appear in public before the arrival of 2017. When, exactly, there is still no information. Price will depend on the package. The basic model should cost around $ 42,000.

2017 BMW i3 - release date