2017 Lincoln Continental Concept and Specs

The new concept sedan 2017 , leaves no one indifferent. Engineers were faced with serious business, which were successfully mastered.

2017 Lincoln Continental Exterior Design

The new Lincoln Continental is fully original and functional car. The long-awaited car has fulfilled expectations in every respect. The front grille is made of one piece. Nevertheless, the proportions are classic with a sophisticated detail. Finely blended very good quality LED matrix light with lasers, are the ideal solution for such a luxurious car. Rear light units are also redesigned and connected across the entire width.


Decorative chrome accents are in the right places. Around windows, on the sides and on the bumpers. On the roof is a large glass sunroof that opens with the electronic controls. Luxurious, refined lines and long body lead to the ideal aerodynamics. The car is acting great on the road, so you have the impression that you are traveling in the apartment. With a new exterior appearance, the Lincoln Continental receives very beautiful alloy wheels.

2017 Lincoln Continental - exterior

2017 Lincoln Continental

The interior space is made of the best selected materials. Pure luxury and finesse. The doors are covered with Venetian leather with all the necessary accessories and keys, while the comfortable seats are upholstered in Alcantara leather and likely will include heating and cooling. The roof is padded with satin, and the floor with sophisticated wool carpet. Something you do not see even in some house. The room is very functionally planned. Inserted are plenty of storage compartments for all the necessary items. But cleverly hidden and totally seamless. Instrumentation panel is covered with Rose Gold coating as special detail. Add chrome accents have been incorporated just as it should be, but that does not affect the functionality and use. The interior will be illuminated by fiber optics and.

2017 Lincoln Continental - interior 1

The luggage compartment can be opened with the keys in the cab. But what is the unified data is the existence of special travel bags that are placed there. Which means that the Lincoln Continental is ideal for business people or those who spend a lot of time on wheels. For the driver are prepared many systems. They are connected with MyLincoln Touch screen. With quality Revel Ultima audio device and the display in the rear seats, it is a pleasant to stay and drive. There is also an air conditioner that can cool the cabin up to a whopping 18 F. The glass has a special and the system is called SPD SmartGlass. Telecommunication options are numerous, with the help of internet connection, satellite connections and connecting external devices.

2017 Lincoln Continental - interior

2017 Lincoln Continental Engine Power

The US company has confirmed which engine will be placed under the hood of 2017 Lincoln Continental. It will be a 3. 0-liter V6 , with an output of at least 350 hp. This engine will operate with a 9 speed or possibly 10 speed automatic transmission. With the change of material in the production can be expected better fuel economy.

2017 Lincoln Continental - engine

Safety Features for 2017 Lincoln Continental

Many security systems will take care of safer journey. Technologically modern equipment that befits such a limousine. On the list will be alert to a possible accident, pedestrian detection, airbags, , parking sensors, a camera that captures 360-degree environment, stability and traction control and a lot more.

Celebrities and Cars

One huge luxury car is always interesting among the rich famous personalities. For this step, decided Dax Shepard , Chumlee reality television personality and American actor and singer.

Competitors for 2017 Lincoln Continental

There are not many cars that can be compared with this giant. But still in that range are next models: and Cadillac CT6.

2017 Lincoln Continental - competitors

Release Date and Price for 2017 Lincoln Continental

The concept of Continental was presented this year at the Auto Show in New York. But it is not yet published when selling will start. The price is interesting, because according to many is not high. The basic model could cost about $ 39,000 and a version with enhanced equipment will have a price of about $ 42,000.

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