2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser Sale Specs

The launch of a new car oriented to field requirements, is related to the 2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser. For now, this is a concept. What will be in the future?

2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser Exterior Design

It is entirely possible that we will soon see serial FJ Cruiser. Highly qualified and capable SUV, will have a modern design with a distinctive stylistic ideas. The biggest changes will occur at sports bumpers, better protective parts and redesigned 16-inch wheels. It is designed for heavy and impassable terrain and is equally civilized on the asphalt. It has a rather large dimensions and weight which will not exceed two tons.


Round lights and additional protection are the characteristics of the front, while the rear set of high quality light sources, a large window and a powerful fender. Body will include a three-door and plenty of large mirrors that promise excellent visibility. The vehicle is truly functional and prepared for all projects.

2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser - exterior

2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser Interior Design

The cabin is spacious and functional. Do not expect luxury features and high comfort, because this is primarily a sport utility vehicle. Requires perseverance, firmness and quality. Commands are arranged simply because of the ease of management. Without major technical innovations, LED lighting and flashing buttons.

2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser - interior 1

There are optional leather seats, good audio equipment, some telecommunications options, the steering wheel etc. The interior will be able to accommodate five passengers. Control panel behind the steering wheel is large and very clear. All the information needed by the driver are in place. The central part is a massive, flat and largely dominated by rectangular shapes. Driver position is quite good compared to the external environment.

2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser - interior

2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser Engine Power

Under the hood of the Toyota FJ Cruiser will be placed functional and reliable engine. This could be a 4.0-liter DOHC V6 engine with an output of 260 hp and torque of 367 lb / ft. The engine will transfer power to the all wheel with the 6 speed automatic transmission. Consumption is not yet known, but surely that producers will try to surprise us all.

2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser - engine

Safety features for 2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser

Off-Road Vehicle, abound with quality safety equipment. Basically everything is facing the abilities of vehicles to pass over all the obstacles on the ground. But in such rides is very important passenger safety. Toyota FJ Cruiser should be equipped with stability control, airbags, help drive up the hill, Traction control, different driving modes, ESP, navigation etc.

Competitors for 2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser

Crossover vehicles on the car market, are known to every driver. Such quality does not have much, so the importance of the name of the vehicle immediately recognize ability. As the main competitors will appear: Nissan Xterra, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler, Honda Element and Toyota 4Runner.

2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser - competitors

Release Date and Price for 2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser

2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser is still mentioned as a concept car. This means that the development is still under the control of producers and some changes might occur. It sure is a lot of interest, all the information that they get from the manufacturer will be published. The price of the basic model should be in the range of $ 30,000 to $ 40,000.

2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser - release date

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