BMW i5 SUV Price and Review

Bavarian company is fully confident it will appear the family SUV model called the BMW i5 SUV. A very special car with interesting characteristics.

BMW i5 SUV Exterior Design

During the analysis of the market and the needs of drivers, the conclusion is simple. Great popularity is currently tied for SUVs. That’s why BMW i5 will be a big hit. For the construction of the planned use of large quantities of carbon fiber, as well as construction and strengthened. All of that should be covered and protected with a high quality plastic. The moves undertaken to develop a model i5, have been linked and inspired with i3 model.


This will be a true family car with a modern look and functional LED lights. The roof and floor are long, so the interior will be spacious. The exterior is very attractive, with five doors, windows and interesting form of special light clusters at the rear. The platform on which will be placed BMW i5 is called FSAR. This is an acronym for “flat battery storage assembly”. The front grille is distinctive, but it is decorated with beautiful blue detailing, which means that the vehicle is electric, or hybrid. High quality exterior will feature a large, massive bumpers and alloy wheels, with very aggressive and modern design.

BMW i5 SUV - exterior

BMW i5 SUV Interior Design

The interior can be very futuristic. Just as expected. Because in this way will be fully integrated with the appearance of exterior design. Modern does not mean complicated. Quite the opposite. Cabin space is large enough to provide a comfortable and enjoyable ride. With all the high-quality materials, technological part is at a high level. Represented are all innovative systems of communication and entertainment. Good audio device will have great opportunities. Here is primarily the connection of external devices or Smart phone. Then there will be available Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth connection and USB port. The vehicle is totally equipped with all necessary accessories for a longer ride. The largest part of the system is linked to a central touchscreen. It is located in the middle of the cockpit and dedicated to the needs of drivers. Immediately below are the controls for the air conditioning and ventilation holes.

BMW i5 SUV - interior

BMW i5 SUV Engine Power

BMW i5 SUV is a vehicle that will move by an electric motor. It will have a maximum power of 170 hp and is linked to the automatic transmission. With a fully charged battery, the vehicle should exceed a distance of about 200 miles. Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph this SUV will be achieved in about 5 seconds. Expected is a combination of electric hanging with a petrol engine. It is a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder engine.

BMW i5 SUV - engine

Safety Features for BMW i5 SUV

We should expect a good and functional safety systems that will take care of safe driving. But exact numbers are still secret of the German company. Probably the engineers are still not sure what is the best solution. Or what will go down in the basic equipment and what will pay extra. What could we expect are airbags, ABS, automatic headlights, stability control, traction control, camera, navigation etc.

BMW i5 SUV - safeety

Competitors for BMW i5 SUV

There are not many models that are similar to vehicle BMW i5 SUV. Especially because this is a new vehicle on the market. However, one manufacturer will still have to be concerned. It is a corporation Tesla and Tesla model labeled X.

As for the class, in which is the SUV, the main competitors will be: Cadillac SRX, Audi Q5, Volvo XC90, Porsche Cayenne and Range Rover Evoque.

BMW i5 SUV - competitors

Release Date and Price for BMW i5 SUV

There are still no concrete data, when it will occur model BMW i5 in sales. This is the secret of the company. But according to unofficial information, it could happen in 2018 year. Price will be especially interesting, because the vehicle is quite expensive. The basic model could cost about $ 60,000.

BMW i5 SUV - release date

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